Sunday, June 11, 2006


When we first began to talk about the I-4, we began to put certain technology tools under the 4 categories. Initially, we thought about tools such as cell phones, email, and instant messenger when we talked about technology for interaction. We also gave some thought to the interactive nature of some pieces of software. But even more interactive are some of the newer technologies such as blogs and wikis. I've been spending a lot of time lately reading everything I can find about each of these. I've found blogs where discussions are going on about the pedagogy of using blogs and I've found resources that explain a little bit about blogs for those of us who are just beginning to learn about them. Blogs are just another aspect of interaction among many as opposed to the others named above where the interaction tends to mostly be between only two people.

Wikis are really interesting to me. These are a forum for the shared construction of knowledge. Talk about interaction! If I began a wiki about interaction, others could join in developing that concept with me. We could post ideas and content, revise each other's work and add more to the content.

Two interesting blogs about blogging:
Shaping Pedagogy Through Blogging

Pedagogical Underpinnings of Blogs in the Classroom

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