Friday, January 19, 2007

The Power of Neighbors

In the northeast, we've had an unusual winter. The temperatures have been much milder than usual and we've had very little snow. Just a week ago, we were talking about how the climate change must be affecting plants and animals, not to mention things like the sale of snowblowers, shovels, heavy coats, and people who offer snow plowing services. We've really been lulled into a false perception that we might be spared from winter's wrath all together. Until today...

That's when the husband doesn't get home until after you do and the snowblower doesn't want to start up. And...that's when it's nice to have neighbors. Shoveling about 8 inches of snow (with more coming down steadily) is really no fun even though it's a good exercise in stress relief. :) We have some great neighbors and my husband has bailed them out a number of times when their snowblowers weren't working or when the wives were trying to handle the work on their own. So, it was a welcome relief when a neighbor came to my rescue this afternoon. It's nice to know that neighbors will still be there when you need them most. All the technology in the world can't replace that.

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