Sunday, July 09, 2006

Imagine the possibilities

Imagine the possibilities of this technology for both instruction and professional development. These are some slides saved from a PowerPoint presentation that I had recently created. I went to, where I had created an account, uploaded the slides, and organized them in an album. It took my album of pictures and gave me the html code so that I could then share them to this blog. I still have some narration to add to these [you can record 30 sec of narration per slide] but I think that when I do that while logged into Bubbleshare, it's going to show up here too. Love it!

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Wesley Fryer said...

You are right Diane, the possibilities of tools like Bubbleshare are so exciting, and virtually unlimited! This is why I agree with Phil Schlechty-- that the key to instructional success and authentic learning / engagement is getting teachers to see themselves as designers of rich learning environments for students. This is so different from what we see now in high stakes testing environments, and with the push for scripted curriculum. I'm glad you discovered Bubbleshare and are sharing it with others! :-)